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4.9 out of 5 based on 448 Reviews


I Completed my DBA training at Real time experts.RTE is best dba training institute in bangalore.If  any one looking for oracle dba real time training this is one of the good oracle institute at marathalli.After completing  oracle dba training they helped me in placement .My Dba trainer provided complete oracle dba11g certification Course material to our batch.


5 days ago


 RTE is best oracle dba tutorial institute in Bangalore.I completed my Oracle dba and rac training today.My dba Trainer Helped me  providing all oracle dba interview questions.Management helped me in giving oracle dba certification support.My Faculty supported me in preparing oracle dba resume.This is nice oracle dba training center at Marathalli.


5 days ago


My trainer has a very good experience in Oracle DBA. His teaching is very good and he has given lot of examples. I have learned Oracle DBA and I have enjoyed learning at Real Time Experts. Now I know the basics of Oracle Dba 11g.


1 days ago


I took Oracle Dba & Rac Dba training from Realtime Experts .The way of teaching us was really awesome. The way of clearing the doubt was really nice. Now i am very much confident in Oracle Dba & Rac Dba and i am very much happy what I learn. Thanks to Realtime Experts  team


Sai krishna

1 days ago

 I enjoyed My Oracle Dba trainer training class which will be very much useful for my future engagements. His way of teaching is very simple & understandable. He is also very punctual  and he is eager to clear all the issues & doubts of the students.


1 days ago


 I really had best experience with Realtimeexperts. I was looking for class room training for Oracle dba course at Marathalli Bangalore . I really recommend RTE Oracle Admin training programs for career growth.I completed my Rac and goldengate training here.

Anand Sai

3 days ago


Oracle dba Trainer is a wonderful teacher, genuinely tried his best to make the people understand complex real world problems. Even Oracle dba course content is well planned, though the initial class contents can be improved. Even the RAC course conducted in a professional manner. I have recommended to many of my colleagues about this Oracle dba course. Real time experts is best oracle dba 11g training in bangalore.My Trainer given complete oracle dba 12 training material.



3 days ago

DBA Training in Bangalore

Best Dba Course in Bangalore & Top Dba Training Institute

DBA Training Training

Best Dba Course in Bangalore & Top Dba Training Institute

Best  ORACLE 11G AND 12C DBA RAC & GOLDENGATE  training institute Real time experts bangalore,  provides real-time and placement oriented ORACLE 11G AND 12C DBA RAC & GOLDENGATE training in Bangalore. RTE provides Best ORACLE 11G AND 12C DBA RAC & GOLDENGATE training courses in bangalore . RTE  ORACLE 11G AND 12C DBA RAC & GOLDENGATE  training  course content designed basic to advanced levels. we have a team of ORACLE 11G AND 12C DBA RAC & GOLDENGATE   experts who are working professionals with hands on real time ORACLE 11G AND 12C DBA RAC & GOLDENGATE  projects knowledge, which will give students an edge over other Training Institutes. ORACLE 11G AND 12C DBA RAC & GOLDENGATE  training  course content  is designed to get the placement in major MNC companies in bangalore as soon as you complete the ORACLE 11G AND 12C DBA RAC & GOLDENGATE training course

DBA Training Training Syllabus in Bangalore

What is DBA ?

Why a Company needs a DBA?

Roles & Responsibilities of DBA

Oracle Architecture

Physical and Logical Phase of Database

Types of files(Control file, Redolog file and Datafile)

Different types of Datafiles


SGA(System Global Area) and Background Process



Different Startup Modes

Different Shutdown Modes

Types of Database Creation

Manual Method of Creation



Introduction to Table space

Types of Table space(BIG & SMALL)

Temporary Table space

Altering/Renaming a Table space

Renaming a data file

Temporary Groups

Table space Encryption(11g)



What are segments?

What are extents?

What is Blocks?

Oracle Blocks

Estimation of Extents

Dictionary Managed Table space

Locally Managed Table space

Storage Parameters(Initial, Next, Min Extents, Xtents, Pctincrease)



Who are Database Users?

Why to create a User?

Creation of Users

Assigning Privileges

Creating and granting Roles

Allocating table space Quotas to Users

Assigning default table space for the Users

Setting Profiles for the Users

Levels of Authentication

Schema Management(11g)




What is Undo?

Why Undo required?

Pending offline status

Brief idea about Rollback segments

Flashback Features

Flashback Table

Flashback query

Flashback Version query

What is spfile?


Difference between spfile and pfile

Advantages of spfile

What is OMF?

Advantages of OMF

Files conventions of OMF



Introduction to Oracle Networking

Network default location

Editing Network file



Introduction to Database Links

Types of Database Links

Introduction to Materialized views

Advantages of Materialized view

Refresh Modes



Introduction to Redo log

Status of Redo logs

Multiplexing the Redo log files

Re-creation of Control file

Renaming the Database

Multiplexing the Control file



What is a logical backup

Why it is required

Export/import Utility

Data Pump

Difference between Data Pump and Traditional Export/import


Transportable Table spaces



Introduction to Physical backup

Types of Physical backup

Cold & Hot backup

Recovery scenarios

RMAN backup

RMAN Point in time recovery

RMAN 11g new features



What is Performance Tuning?

Why Tuning required?

Types of Tuning

Database Tuning


SQL Tuning

Memory Tuning

Network Tuning

Partitioning and Indexes

Partitioning Enhancements


RAT(Real Application Testing)(11g)

SQL Performance Analyses (11g)

Row chaining and Row migration

Resemble Table spaces

DBA Training trainer Profile & Placement

Our DBA Training Trainers

  • More than 10 Years of experience in DBA Training Technologies
  • Has worked on multiple realtime DBA Training projects
  • Working in a top MNC company in Bangalore
  • Trained 2000+ Students so far.
  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge
  • Certified Professionals

DBA Training Placement Training in Bangalore

  • More than 2000+ students Trained
  • 92% percent Placement Record
  • 1000+ Interviews Organized

DBA Training training batch size in Bangalore

Regular Batch ( Morning, Day time & Evening)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

DBA Training Weekend Training Batch( Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

  • Seats Available : 8 (maximum)

DBA Training Fast Track batch

  • Seats Available : 5 (maximum)

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